Fibrofor High Grade

Fibrofor High Grade
Fibrillated, high-performance fiber reinforcement. Its specially treated surface is responsible for the anchorage in the concrete and the fast three dimensional distribution during the mixing process.
Because of these features the Fibrofor High Grade works as structural reinforcement and can be taken into consideration for static calculation.

Further positive effects of Fibrofor High Grade:
·       can be used in fire-resistant concrete
·       prevents segregation and bleeding of concrete
·       high resistant concrete to aggressive water

·       parking garages
·       industrial floors, jointless construction up to 1000m2 partial surface
·       agricultural buildings
·       water-resistant walls
·       external concrete surfaces

The recommended additional rate to structural concrete is normally 1 kg/m3. As result of its features this amount is able to replace 25-30 kg steel fiber or up to 40 kg of conventional steel reinforcements. Our engineers can determine weather the steel is completely replaceable or if not how much of it could be replaced.

Standard sizes of 19 mm and 38 mm

1 kg/ bag
12 bags/ box

High Grade fulfils the standard EN 14889-2 and therefore guarantees a consistently high quality.