Aveeglass Optimo

Aveeglass Optimo
New generation of patented microfibers. Aveeglass Optimo is an E-glass microfiber and its continouos fiber lengths adapt to the optimal aggregate.
In the fiber reinforced concrete the amount and size of early-age shrinkage can be reduced to the minimum. The mechanical qualities of produced materials and structures are improved. The implementation is safer.
Further positive effects of Aveeglass optimo:
·        high early strength concrete (compressive- fluxural- tensile strength and splitting- tensile stength)
·        improves stability and slump of raw concrete
·        even distribution
·        decreases the cracking sensibility of structures
·        fiber-free surface
·        reduces loss of material with shotcrete and underwater concreting
·        industrial floors
·        estrich
·        external concrete floors
·        subfloors
·        concrete walls
·        sewage treatment plant
·        precast elements
·        design concrete
The recommended additional rate to concrete is typically 0.9-1.8 kg/m3 concrete depending on the application.
0.9 kg/ bag
30 bags/ box